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26 March 2015

This was a perfect trip to Argentina , 4 days hunting in the wild open Andes Mountains in San Martin Des Los Andes and 4 days in huge large fenced area in Mendoza. Everything was perfect and I can recommend this trip to every hunter , very relaxed and good holidays , great accommodation , fantastic asado and beef , and not to mention the Argentina Malbec wines , this is great for us from Europe to escape the winter and reload the batteries , now I am coming home and I are ready for the upcoming Salmon season .. 6 months of fishing just in front! smile emoticon Picture is from Axel / Austria with his impressive 417 SCI points Stag , something that he will remember for a long time ! Arni arnibald@lax-a.is Mob +354 898 3601

26 March 2015

We only have one spot left in our hosted trip to Kola June 20th – 27th. If you like good company and the chance to catch the largest salmon of your life please join us for fun. We are offering this week at a very good price or only 2950 Eur, all inclusive bar the flights to and from Murmansk.

25 March 2015


Not quite, but still with the opening of the season around the corner we feel just like kids before Christmas...

The trout fishing season in Iceland starts in just a week from now when many rivers and lakes open for business. April is a prime month for sea-trout fishing and the opening slots in many of our top sea-trout rivers are sold out way in advance.

25 March 2015

The days can be very different when working in LAX-Á Office. This Tuesday our Wing Shooting Manager Axel and Greenland Camp Manager Simon went practicing for the upcoming shooting season. Here’s is a short 2,5 minute movie from their afternoon: www.facebook.com/video.php

24 March 2015

We have a just a few open spots for the season of 2015. The 1st to 6th of August is a great week for fishing and hunting. If you are considering booking your adventure with us, please let us know as soon as possible as some of the flights are getting fully booked.

23 March 2015

The most common freshwater fish in Iceland is the good old brown trout. If you see a lake in Iceland you can be pretty sure that a few brownies reside under surface.

21 March 2015

Having trouble deciding what gear to bring for you fishing trip? All of our rivers are different and your LAX-Á Guide always puts you in the right spot at the right time. That is one big advantage when going fishing, but if you don’t have the proper gear for the situation you might not be as successful. 

19 March 2015

Dear angler friends,

We have a unique opportunity available. One rod became available in Blanda beat one in absolute prime time July 9-12th. In 2014 this week gave 6 salmons on average per rod per day.

19 March 2015

Streamers, dry flies & nymps. Greenland is a great place to experiment with your flies and patterns. Every year we try to use as many different flies and patterns as we can in order to find the ultimate fly. So far the pink streamer is one our favourite. Pink, white and flashy seems to be the right combination.  

Have you prepared your flybox for the season on 2015? If you have anu questions about what flies or gear to bring for you Greenland adventure, please contact Simon: simon@lax-a.is

18 March 2015


The northern lights in Iceland sure is spectacular, this is a photo from last night. 

Not only do we get the beautiful lights in Iceland, but in Greenland as well. The picture below is from LAX-Á Camp in Greenland, late august. 

16 March 2015

It is Monday and not only the first day of the week, it is the first day of Salmon fishing for the season. I haven’t fished since September and the hard winter in Iceland feels long, a bit to long. I peak my head outside and feel the sunshine and the fact that it isn’t cold outside? Oh right, I’m in Scotland…


Video of the week

Latest News

26 March 2015

We just got an opening for Lower Crathes River Dee the 13th to 18th of April. We have two rods available on these fantastic spring dates.

Please contact Jóhann Torfi at johann@lax-a.is or at +354 893 6110 for more information.


12 March 2015

We offer a lot of extra services in Greenland like hiking, sea angling and sightseeing. To take a day of sightseeing while you're there and experience the local treassures. 

Visit the town of Qaqortoq or Narsaq and have a city walk, visit Museum and taste some of the local dishes. You can visit the hot spring i South of Greenland and enjoy a bath. 

11 March 2015

Last openings on the Svarta river iun Iceland ,  exclusive to 4 rods , fly only , 5 bedroom lodge.
18 - 21/7 , 20-26/8 and 18-24/9.  Svarta is one of the best Icelandic self catering Salmon rivers ,  contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is

09 March 2015

No sign of spring in Iceland! This is one of the hardest winter I remember... and trout fishing starts in Iceland with in few days , 1st of April! Well one thing is for sure it will be no lack of water in our salmon rivers this summer. Pictures take at the Lax-a office just now. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

05 March 2015
Lax-á Angling Club will be visiting the Edmonton Boat & Sportsmans Show in Canada next week. The show is from 12th to 15th of March and you will find us at booth number are 471 & 472 in Hall B at the show. 
05 March 2015


Fishing Report (February 21st- February 26th, 2015)
By Alejandro Martello
Week of: February 21- February 26, 2015
Looks like rain is the missing ingredient this summer in Rio Grande. The river remains low and clear but that hasn’t stopped it from delivering the best sea trout fishing on the planet!

03 March 2015

Feb 21 – 27, 2015. By James Topham.

 As you know, there’s always something to be learned when flyfishing. So I’m wary when someone calls himself an absolute “expert"—unless that person is veteran KT guide Max Mamaev. He comes pretty close.


02 March 2015

Russia , Varzina and Sidorovka , there is one week available at Sidorovka 11 - 18th June , and one week available at Varzina main lodge 13 - 20th June , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 8983601

25 February 2015

Feb 14-19, 2015. By Alejandro Martello
Like the week prior, we started with some rain in the lower stretch of the Rio Grande but there were heavy storms serious storms of rain and snow in the headwaters and in the Andes. How impressive to drive to the river and see the mountains dressed in white in the middle of the summer.



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