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30 January 2015

I just heard from Head Ghillie at Lower Crathes Robert Harper and interrupted him in his preparations for opening day on Monday. I could hear that he was looking forward to the start of the season and he is not the only one. 

According to Robert the river looks nice at the moment at Lower Crathes and the Dee and the water levels are good.  However the forecast could be better with snow and wintery conditions offer the weekend.   

But we cannot do anything about the weather and what matters in the end of the day is that a nice spring fish will be waiting our anglers on Monday. Robert & us at Lax-á are staying positive. 

30 January 2015

We want to let our friends and anglers know that after the weekend, or from 3rd to 8th of February, LAX-Á will take part in one of the largest fishing and hunting exhibitions in Europe, Jagd & Hund and Fisch & Angel.  The location of the show is Messe Wesftallenhallen in Dortmund.

LAX-Á delegate at the show will be Valgerður Erla, Simon & Jóhann Torfi and you will find them at two different booths at the show; at Jagd & Hund hall 7 stand 7.F47 & Fisch & Angel hall 3 stand 3A.B22. 

30 January 2015

Fishing is all about the feeling, meeting new people, sharing experiences and the passion for the wildlife. At least for me, that’s why I fish. Greenland is my favoutire place on earth and there’s one day that I would like to share with you. This is a story from the season of 2013 in Lax-Á Camp Greenland and a day just before the season started. Enjoy! 

29 January 2015

River Dee opening week is just around the corner and we at LAX-Á cant wait. On that note we like to let you know that we have to offer fishing at Forest Birse on the famous River Dee in Scotland on weeks, 15, 18 and 19.

The beat has five-year average of 278 Salmon grilse and 84 Sea trout and has been one of the most popular beats on the river.

29 January 2015
"Best fishing day so far was yesterday in West Ranga where 125 salmon where caught on 14 rods. The salmon is larger then usual this year according to our camp manager, he told us the one year salmon is bigger then previous years but also a lot more of 2 year old salmon."
29 January 2015

If you are looking for an exellant salmon beat near Reykjavik, situated in the perfect enviroment - Sog Asgardur is your place. This is a beautiful river situated only 45 minutes from the capital. The lodge is perfectly situated at the river bank with view from the jacuzzi over the river and mountains nearby. This beat is well known for large salmon and is ideal for fly fishing, a great choice would be floating lines and riffling hitch which works very well. This 5.6km beat is exclusive for 3 salmon rods.

28 January 2015

Germany - Canada and Austria.
In February and March Lax-a goes on the road and is attending three shows in three different countries.  The first one is Jagd and Hund show:  www.westfalenhallen.de/messen/jagd_und_hund/en/  in Dortmund 3rd to 8th of February we will be at stand Jagd & Hund: Hall 7, Stand F47 Fisch & Angel: Hall 3A, Stand B22,

27 January 2015

Greenland adventures 2015.
This is the latest openings for Greenland 2015 , here you can experience the best of searun Arctic Charr , hunting for Caribou and Musk Ox , and have a great time in our wonderful camp. 16 - 21/7 , 1-6/8 , 13 - 18/8 and 5 - 10/9. Contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 8983601

27 January 2015

Stora Laxá beat 1 and 2 , this is the last days available for 2015. 
July 5th to 11th Exclusive beat/ lodge , 4 rods , 18th July to 24th July 2 rods , 27th July to 31/7 Exclusive beat / lodge 4 rods , 9th August to 11th August 2 rods, you can combine few days on another nearby river with Stora Laxá.  Contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 8983601

23 January 2015

Great news for keen Salmon anglers and keen Geese shooters in Canada  ,  now Icelandair  www.icelandair.com is flying direct from Edmonton / Canada to Iceland four to five  times a week.  This allows Canadian outdoor´s people to be in Iceland with in few hours flight chasing fresh Atlantic Salmon or / and shooting various species of Geese ,  with no doubt Iceland is the Mekka for Salmon anglers and our geese shooting is better than every where else.  Contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is


23 January 2015


On the 3rd - 8th of February the doors at the Dortmund Show, Fisch & Angel and Jagd & Hund, is open. 

Lax-Á Angling Club is there to show you the worlds best adventures. We will be talking about fishing and Geese shooting in Iceland, hunting and fishing in Greenland and many other exciting destinations. On the spot will be Valgerdur Arnadottir, Simon Nilsson & Johann Torfi Olafsson.


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Latest News

29 January 2015

The helicopter pilots in Greenland shows great skills, landing in small pockets on the mountains. Pictures from when we installed the VHF/internet system on the closest mountaintop. This allows us to have good VHF connection in the area and internet in Lax-Á Camp. 

The transfer and sightseeing with helicopter gives you the birds wiev on the beauty of Southern Greenland. A helicopter transfer from Narsarsuaq Airport to Lax-Á Camp takes only 30 minutes.

27 January 2015

Counting down the days and we are all getting super excited , DEE is opening up next Monday ! I just heard from head guide at Lower Crathes / West Durres Robert Harper  ,  he is as me looking so much forward to the opening day on the DEE  , and we both totally agree that this season will be much better than 2014  , and we want a very great opening days and succesful season.  There are few rods available in February  , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 8983601

27 January 2015

Two prime weeks availabe at the pritty remote west coast Salmon river Hvannadalsa  , exclusive river and self catering lodge to 3 rods only.  Week´s are prime time 24 - 30th July and 6 to 12th August noon to noon.  Price is just Eur: 395.- pr. rod pr. day and is inclusive of the lodge and the fishing , the 3 rods are booked together. Contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 8983601

14 January 2015

Brilliant accommodation for the Highland Mountain Geese , true outdoor adventure! Can you imagine a trip like this ... you alone in the Icelandic highlands exploring and shooting Mountain geese ,  can not get better!
Highland Explorer Hotel Iceland - Travelling Accommodation 
Quality – Our accommodation will be warm and comfortable just like it feels at home. 
Dining Room – Fully equipped Dining Room where our guests are served the freshest food in beautiful landscape settings.

13 January 2015

Axel from Austria with his super gold medal Gredos Ibex taken in beautiful Caceres region in Spain just few days ago , he also had a great time in the Monteria and the driven partridges days. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

11 January 2015

We are making improvements on the East Rangá lodge for next season. We will be adding a whole new building with 6 double rooms. This will help us to provide better services for those who are sharing rods but still want private room. Arni arnibald@lax-a.is

09 January 2015

Haukadalsá is on the west coast of Iceland , the river is 8km long and is exclusive to only 5 rods, making it ideal for a small group of friends or families. There are as many as 40 signed pools on Haukadalsa so plenty of fishing for the 5 rods. Full service comfortable lodge , average catch of 735 salmon to only 5 rods makes Haukadalsa one of Iceland best rivers. Only two hours drive from the capital Reykjavik. Contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 8983601

08 January 2015

Geese shooting in Iceland and Salmon fishing Combo. The geese shooting season in Iceland starts on the 20th August , this is prime time for Geese up north and also prime time on the river Svarta which is located right in the middle of the Geese shooting area. You could shoot Geese from 6 a clock in the morning until 10 a clock or for some 4 hours when the most activity is going on , then go straight to the river and spend the rest of the morning there and the whole afternoon for high class salmon fishing. Great outdoor adventure for a party of 4 rods / 4 guns , very comfortable lodge , contact Arni at arnibald@lax-a.is Mobile +354 8983601


06 January 2015
The bookings for Greenland 2015 is taking off and we still have some available dates.
One week in the end of July, prime time for fresh sea run Arctic Char.
One week in end of August and one week middle of September, prime time for hunting and also great fishing. 
Last year we had a difficulties due to the flights getting fully booked.
So if you are thinking of Greenland 2015, now it’s the time. 
Join the true adventure of a lifetime. 
Please contact simon@lax-a.is for further information. 

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