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Billfishing in Ixtapa Mexico

Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa is a sportfishing paradise waiting to be discovered!

Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo is one of the top Bill fishing destination in the world today, coming for a week at the right time of the season will secure you great fights with massive Marlin and Sailfish.
Best time is December and January, great timing for us salmon anglers, middle of the winter and nothing to do ... why not joining us to Mexico and experience the thrill of catching marlin which will fight you for hours!

IxtapaMexico_01 IxtapaMexico_02

The village in the picture is Zihuatanejo, a wonderful place, lovely people, nice beaches, outdoor markets, and you are only 20 minutes from the harbour to the prime spots for Marlin and Sailfish.

Coming the right week of the season you will have action every day, catching Sailfish and Marlin, hooking loosing, breking the line and eventully having the fish of your life.

IxtapaMexico_17 IxtapaMexico_16
IxtapaMexico_03 IxtapaMexico_21

Take your family and friends with you to join the adventure, they will love it, plenty of fishing, sun and beaches, shopping, great hotels, sight seeing trips etc, it´s endless things to do in this part of Mexico.

During prime time you can catch the Marlin and the Sailfish on fly, many choices to take the first ones by traditional trolling .. after that you want to catch THE one on fly!!!

We have selected the best hotels for you, all have private beaches and lot´s of activites, offering sight seeing trips, snorkeling trips and much more.

IxtapaMexico_05 IxtapaMexico_19
IxtapaMexico_06 IxtapaMexico_07
On the beach .... you can send your wife up to the sky! There she goes! She came back with out any troble :-)

There is no lack of food in Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo, restaurants are great , excellent food and at many many places there is live music in the evening.


IxtapaMexico_10 IxtapaMexico_11
At the end of the fishing day and fish are biting, sometimes the best time of the day. Full action, dolphins jumping around and chasing baitfish, Tuna is following and following the Tuna is the Marlin!
IxtapaMexico_12 IxtapaMexico_14
As many Yellow Fin Tuna as you like, either trolling or side casting with fly and stripping fast. All is catch and release only, except for fish bleeding.
IxtapaMexico_13 IxtapaMexico_20
The family ... will love the fishing as well , Gunnhildur Erla is fighting a massive Yellow Fin Tuna. Happy Gunnhildur with a Dorado she caught all by herself.
IxtapaMexico_09 IxtapaMexico_15
Thorfinnur kristjánsson ( from Iceland ) with his nice Dorado, great colors! 100 pound sailfish on fly the boat.
IxtapaMexico_18 IxtapaMexico_08
Zihuatanejo harbour iearly morning at 06:30 ... boats going out.

Join us next December for the top week of the season at Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo in Mexico, week of the smallest moon when the Sailfish and the Marlin can not feed during night and are hungry and agressive during the daylight (most important), we promise you a great week with good fishing, comfortable accommodation, lots of sun and fun and endless activities, one thing for sure, no one will be bored...unless wanting to ;-)


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