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Deer Park

Hunting in England

scotland_deepark018 scotland_deepark003
Excellant Fallow deer hunting. Sika deer.
scotland_deepark008 scotland_deepark005
Trophy hunting for Red Stag , Sika , Fallow Deer , Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer. The hunt take places in the fenced areas , or in the wild, it is a great experience to hunt in both places.
scotland_deepark004 scotland_deepark001
Red Stags
Medal trophies , gold medal Fallow , Sika and Red Stag, also Chinese Water Deer and Muntjac. Chinese Water Deer.
scotland_deepark002 scotland_deepark006
Sika deer. Spotting Fallow Deer.
scotland_deepark007 scotland_deepark010
Golden Medal Fallow Deer. Stags
scotland_deepark009 scotland_deepark011
Golden medal Fallow Deer. Golden Medal Red Stag antlers.
scotland_deepark013 scotland_deepark012
Waiting for a Chinese water deer in the afternoon. This hunt is all out in the wild. Season is August to April.
scotland_deepark017 scotland_deepark016
Red stags out in the field. Chinese Water Deer also all hunted in the wild.
scotland_deepark021 scotland_deepark015
Muntjac - they are hunted out in the wild. Red Stag
scotland_deepark019 scotland_deepark020
Red Stag Great day  Red Stag , Roe Buck and two Muntjac

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